W-Screen Tag™

Traffic institutions are currently in the process of gaining approval for and successfully implementing vehicle tags, the production of which is based on our W-Screen TagTM self-adhesive complexes.

The environmental impact linked to pollution caused by cars is a problem that is threatening our planet, which many governments are trying to minimise through the promotion of less polluting private and public transport systems, especially within the context of large cities.

This situation has been behind VISATAC’s response, within the range of W-Screen TagTM solutions, to the requests received from major traffic institutions who have decided to implement the tagging and categorisation of vehicles according to their theoretical polluting potential, which, depending on the case, may be mandatory or voluntary. VISATAC has developed an innovative self-adhesive solution for this end that is already approved and implemented by these institutions. According to VISATAC’s CEO, Joan Vall, “This is a highly transparent synthetic self-adhesive complex especially designed to withstand the negative impact of UV rays, which ensures that the print lasts longer and the improved reading of potential QR codes or bar codes printed using laser technology. It also facilitates the customisation of every one of the tags made from this complex”.

However, this tag is only one of the possible solutions provided by W-Screen TagTM. “W-Screen TagTM is the name of a set of conceptual solutions and self-adhesive compositions that are easily adaptable to the different needs that our client may present in terms of vehicle tags”, according to Miguel Peñalba, Export Manager at VISATAC. “Other examples are the self-adhesive tags to check for the payment of motorway tolls, something that VISATAC has already developed for several countries thanks to our adhesive transfer filmic material”, he added.

The W-Screen TagTM solutions are tailor-made in conjunction with public institutions, as well as through the close collaboration with clients direct from the company, with whom VISATAC works intensively on the development of the self-adhesive complex needed as well as on the design of the final product.

  • Approved

    Approved product

  • High resistance

    UV Rays

  • Customizable

    Facilitates customization via laser printing

  • Variety

    Wide variety of applications


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