Can we advise you?

We have a very clear and highly customised work methodology. We ask questions, lots of them. We develop. We do many tests. We strive to get and end result for you.

Our main goal is to earn your trust. We do this by first of all, being involved. We listen to your needs and then develop the specific materials you need.
Secondly, through our already extensive experience providing self-adhesive solutions to a wide range of satisfied clients.
Thirdly, through our capacity for innovation. We have an extensive team of highly trained professionals who will look for those materials and solutions that can offer added value to our clients.
Last but not least, thanks to our flexible industrial structure. This enables us to develop the tailor-made self-adhesive materials that are both unique and creative, very creative.

Please, contact our team of experts and turn your ideas and projects into actual products.

You can find us at:
C/Ter, 140
17460 - Celrà
Girona (Spain)
Tel. 972232023

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    our experts

    Our professionals at VISATAC provide our clients with the engagement, experience and advanced innovation capacity to find and develop products tailored to their needs. We create fully customised self-adhesive solutions, a result of our active listening.