Offer Tag™

Offer TagTM: the solution for the tagging of temporary supermarket offers.

Efficient management of stocks, pricing policies linked to a multitude of factors, or sales campaigns associated with the life cycle of each product are just some examples that determine the profitability and survival of many supermarkets. However, the efficient tagging of prices for products with a high degree of rotation, that are easily replaced, or whose prices constantly change has never been easier and is even more efficient from a practical and economic viewpoint.

VISATAC has been chosen by one of the largest European supermarket chains to design and develop and provide an innovative self-adhesive solution that does away with the problems generated by the temporary tagging of offers in supermarkets.

This is Offer TagTM, a technically advanced selective transfer adhesive created for the labelling of offers on a temporary, efficient and cost-effective basis, thanks to the option of selecting the areas where the self-adhesive properties can be transferred. They are also very easily removed and leave no residue on the surface where they have been applied.

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