Duolam Holographic

Duolam Holographic: selected as a solution for electoral card security.

Identity fraud is a widely studied and debated topic. However, very little analysis has been carried out in relation to the electoral sphere, in which someone using someone else’s data such as address or name in order to get a voting card. Identity theft is not only an electoral offence; it also affects the rights of others, and this is the reason why it is essential for authorities to remain alert.

VISATAC has developed an innovative self-adhesive solution for this problem that enables the generation of a temporary electoral card to combat identity fraud during voting periods. The remedy comes from one of the company’s top products: Duolam with a customised hologram, a self-adhesive complex that facilitates the secure printing of documents, guarantees their inviolability and also offers the option of continuous pinfeed individual customisation.

However, this solution that has already been selected and approved during several electoral processes, has a much wider range of application and can also be adapted to many other different uses such as secure and customised cards that allow access to restricted entry areas, etc.

Please contact VISATAC’s team of experts at www.visatac.com for further information about this solution.

  • Approved

  • Custom hologram

  • Guaranteed inviolability


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