VISATAC has a recognised sustainability and innovation business culture. We develop ecological, endurable and tailor-made self-adhesive solutions. Our self-adhesive materials offer the maximum guarantee in terms of quality, performance and useful life of the product as well as the actual result.

We want to lead a change in the self-adhesive industry. A change that involves the responsibility of all stakeholders in the market, from the manufacturer or distributor to the end client.
We create ecological self-adhesive solutions that are developed in-house, based on a sustainable design and production, which help to minimise environmental impact and increase their likelihood of being recycled.

We face the future with a responsible attitude and vision. VISATAC stands for innovation, experience, quality and a commitment to have respect for and to protect the environment. How do we accomplish this? By the procedures set up in procurement, production and methods of use in its product recycling.


We invest in R&D

One of VISATAC’s features is its firm commitment to R&D. We are continually searching for added value from our products to compliment the development of new high-tech market solutions. Our ecological self-adhesive solutions are fully customised and guarantee maximum security, skill and quality standards at all times during their development. Our research and development department focuses on technologically advanced new products that allow the optimal management of resources.

our experts

Our professionals at VISATAC provide our clients with the engagement, experience and advanced innovation capacity to find and develop products tailored to their needs. We create fully customised self-adhesive solutions, a result of our active listening.