VISAPIN – Laser PIN Mailer

VISAPIN, selected by a major traffic institutions for the mailing out of access codes for the drivers’ website.

Having passed the most stringent security tests, VISAPIN’s security tags not only makes it easier to detect fraudulent manipulation of secret information sent via postal mail, such as a PIN code, they are also a highly tailored solution to the problem. This is why VISAPIN has been selected by the authorities from a major European country, whose details we cannot disclose due to the confidentiality of the project, for the sending out of access codes to the website of all authorised drivers in the country.

But this was not the only reason why it was selected: VISAPIN also allows the selection of the label size that best suits the needs of the issuing company, and also allows them to select the text, colour or logo that they believe to be the most suitable. All issuers need is a laser printer in order to print the PIN or secret message that they wish to send their client from their own office, which minimises the likelihood of this message being discovered during the production process.

VISAPIN is the only market solution recently accredited with the highest level of security defined for PIN mailing products in the UK. VISAPIN successfully passed the optical, physical and chemical tests carried out by internationally renowned laboratories, thus obtaining the maximum requiered level of security (level 4 UKCA Standard 72). Furthermore, under the VISATAC Partnership Program space, VISATAC is also offering its clients the opportunity to avail of the VISAPIN Pack, which apart from offering the best protection for PIN codes through the VISAPIN complex also facilitates the acquisition of the laser printing machine that is already set to the print criteria necessary to maintain the highest level of security. 

For further information, visit www.visapin.net

  • Tailor made

  • Flexibility

  • Maximum security

  • Approved


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