20 May, 2020

VISATAC presents the VISAPIN security tag

VISAPIN, a revolutionary solution for the mailing out of PIN codes

VISATAC has created the VISAPIN security tag to ensure the maximum protection of PIN codes. VISAPIN aims to detect the fraudulent tampering of secret information sent via postal mail, such as PIN codes.

VISAPIN is also fully customisable. You can choose the size of the tag, the text, colour and even include the logo of the issuing company.

All issuers need to create their VISAPIN is a laser printer to print it out.

VISAPIN can also be customised

This tag has already passed the most stringent safety tests and has been the only one accredited since 2018 by the UK Credit Cards Association. It has achieved the highest security level set down by this association -Level 4 (Standard 72 UKCA).

Finally, it is worth mentioning how VISATAC has created the VISATAC Partnership Program space, which allows its clients to benefit from the VISAPIN Pack program. This program offers the best protection for PIN codes through the VISAPIN complex. It also facilitates the purchase of the laser printing machine already set up to print criteria necessary to maintain the highest level of security.

Further information at www.visapin.net


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